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Players using chess programmes
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Players using chess programmes
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Players using chess programmes
Fly or Die needs in my opinion to have a balanced discussion about its elephant in the room ie chess programmes I recommend an email sent to all users asking their views i notice there is a non prog room  how about changing it to a prog room this may need more than 1 room fod chess should really put human players before chess programmes as nobody gains from a prog culture esp the people who use progs their chess never improves if they only do what a programme tells them and never use their imagination I appreciate programmes are allowed on fod but i believe chess is about human thought anyway i know its a contrevesial subject but ignoring the elephant doesnt mean it aint there
Please do not state that we are ignoring the problem.
We are trying our best to automatically detect program users and display a sign next to their name, so you could be aware of who is using a program, and you can avoid them.

Actually this way the number of players using software assistance has significantly decreased, as there is one thing that most of them do not like: their playing habits getting revealed. 

Of course the system is not 100%, but everyone who is using online chess has to accept the fact that program users are unfortunately inseparable from any online chess game. 

There is no chess server that can exclude all program players. Anyone who is telling the opposite is not telling the truth.

Remember one thing: it is not an obligation to play against any program player.

Thankyou operator for your prompt reply i apologise for any misunderstanding in my post i know FOD is trying to deal with this i met a friend at my chess club who plays online and he says progs are blocked will gather more info if this can help
I have never objected to somebody who uses programes, time plays against them and some times one learns.
1.Players dodgers make new accounts (the same person has more than one account) to manipulate tournaments and games increase your Ranking (Rating).

2.Players dodgers use chess programs to help to analyze the games.

The question is how to detect them?
Say that the player  JumpWorld uses chess program or is a cheater.think that
 is a good player.

i think the best way to avoid this problem is to create a room just for players using programs. also the red sign not appear if you ue google chrome and play with program
Say that the player anotador uses chess program or is a cheater.HE USES HOUDINI OR RYBKA.
i have a brother that has played & won in real life chess tournaments and plays on a very serious chess and go website.The site bans any players using programs or assistance to decide moves for them.
Just how can you prove somebody is playing with a prog ?