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The Formula
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The Formula
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The Formula
Thanks for a great game :-)

One thing I dont understand.

The formula.
One time I had 11-0 when I was a 150 in skills and he had about 210 I think
It was over 4 ends I he had the hammer in every end.
My skills went up with just 16 !!!!!

Today I lost first end with 0-1 and in the second, I had the hammer ofcourse, I won with 2......I got 7 in skills. Comparing that with the first game ???

Anyway.......its a great game but mybee the formula has to look after.

Best regards
The score is not worth points. 

The more ends you play the more you'll get for winning THE GAME.

The object of Curling is to win the game not score a lot of points or win more ends, just win the game. The way it works now is good. 

i.e. If you're down a lot going into the last end, you better take chances and go for the tie or the win.
@ TheRake , what if someone quits when they are in lead ? Are they penalized for leaving before completing 10 ends ?
Actually the score does come into play if you play a 1 end game. If You lose by 1 or 5 in a one end game it does make a big difference in the scoring formula. This does not occur in 2 end games or more where it only counts if you win or lose. This glitch probably encourages people to leave after one end, which I and most others probably detest. Why not limit the max winning in a one end game to a max gain as if you won by two and leave it at that. This might encourage more multi-end games as opposed to one end and leaving.
When you play a one end game, then the score does have an impact on the total outcome. If you win a one end game by 3 or more it dramatically impacts the change in ratings, much more so than winning a 2 end game. This may be a reason why some people leave after one end. If there was a limit of how much benefit you get from winning a one end game, it might encourage more multi end games.
Gps 1130 the score doesn't matter its the players rating and number of ends you set, but if you don't have ends set but play someone say 6 ends it will change score after each end. You don't get more for scorning more in 1st or any other end. I don't know the exact formula they use but it has been posted on here.

I'm afraid you are wrong Wolfman. If you don't have a game set for 2 or more ends, ie. you are only playing a one end game, then score and ratings both determine how much a person either gains or loses in ratings. If you lose a one end game by 5, your ratings will change more dramatically than if you lost the game by 1. If you don't believe me go to the website and check the rating calculator. If winning is all that should count, then winning by 5 in a one end game should not be more beneficial than winning by one. Again, I believe this contributes to people leaving after a one end game. If you are a subscriber, you can set the number of ends, but a large number of players are not. There are a large number of complaints made by people leaving after one end. I was trying to suggest a way to possibly minimize this problem. 
I think they're right that score matters in games that are not a set amount of ends. I could be wrong though.

When there is set number of ends to played through the options where you can set it, then it just goes by the win. You'll get +4 or +6 if you win a 4-end game or 6-end game respectively.