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Hi all, getting sick of the crown business... i play Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays usually in the evenings PST...   the so called best players within fod should meet me......cya then  
peffs, I've just visited the lobby and there you are again playing with <240 player. Team Finland, gicone, Pikachu and others >240 were in the lobby at the same time.
In the stat #2 , #3 and others have much higher ratio of games playing with >240 players.
Looks like it's time to start to look at #2 on the top list to get an idea who holds the real crown.


I agree with Ryope, I just added up peffs average opponent rating over his/her last 20 games and it came out to be 175. No wonder you are sitting in the crown position playing sub 200 players most of the time.
I saw peffs record last night and he lost to two players with a 300 rating. Then I see the other 8 player he played recently.  Some 300's, some 100's and a few people with 40 and 19 ratings. 

Why do people care about this "crown" made out of pixels? People cheat and lie on this site, then the "crown" issue is mentioned and people go even more nutty. 

A tourny should determine the crown holder, once a week or once a month etc. If someone is a points banker etc, then they should be banned from the tounies etc. 

If there's no way to keep people honest in the tournies then forget the crown. Just know that it's not a measure of "who's best".
lol  you people need to get a life if your adding up  peoples avg opponent ratings   bla bla bla....i just play   dont care if i have crown...when im on im on  gl  when im not youll win   dont care...i just have fun and play and play with people that are in the lobby when im in the lobby....   and by the way newf  ive asked you to play several times and you decline...  enough of the drama folks!!!!!
who is Ryope??   never seen ya bud
So peffs makes a thread stating all top players should play him but he only plays low ranked players.

He makes the "crown" thread but says "I don't care about the crown".

He says "enough of the drama folks!!!!!" but he is making the drama and says "by the way newf ive asked you to play several times and you decline...", which makes more drama.

He says "you people need to get a life if your adding up peoples avg opponent ratings" but this is the only way he can keep the crown. 

So what is he saying?
Read the flip flopping? The contradictions? The nonsense? 

I've pointed out the glaring foolishness with what you wrote and you won't clarify because you can't. So there's nothing else to say. 
wow settle mr.mark your gettin yourself all fired up...its ok
Hey peffs, you have never challenged me to a match. I only play during the day and never in the evenings. To be totally honest, I have never seen you logged in the same time as me, therefore, I have never had the opportunity to accept or decline your challenge.
lol   what????   you have watched me play  many times  newf...hey!!! stop makin a show of yourself
So I point out that you post gibberish and you try to deflect by insinuating I'm fired up?

You play low rated players to keep the crown = fact.

You say you don't care about the crown but you play low ranked players in order to keep it = fact. 

You say you don't want drama but create a thread to create drama which is nonsense - fact.

See? You don't make sense. It's clear what you're all about. So enjoy your dramatic thread about you playing low ranked players to keep the pixel crown you love so much. 

Anyway, have fun with your pixels, if they makes you happy.  

You just keep on playing your rookies to pad your score and keep your beloved crown....lol
good lord you people are stupid
This coming from a petty liar? Come on man, admit what we all know. Your own words hanged you. 
It's like to claim to be the champion of the world defeating all elderly and weak guys of whole world and never participating in the world competitions.
At least the topicstarter is honest to question his own crown since he points out he does not play the best players. Hence the crown is very doubtful. Q.E.D.
It Will Be nice to avoid  this kind of discussions, if system måde it possible, f.ex. Blues only can Play vs blues, yellows vs yellows, browns(oranges)/reds vs browns and reds. Like level divisions. Have a Nice game.
 AIYANNA, that may be too restricting when there aren't many players playing. You could make it, so that you can't win the crown if you don't play people who are ranked as "Pro" etc.

Anyway, I don't know what the best route is here. All I know is that lying, pettiness and obsessing over some pixels is super sad. I guess no insight or reflection will be coming to the OP. 

I've spoken true words and realistic views. If someone wants to pretend and twist words around, let them. I guess things like this are truly important to some people. 

I won't read this inane thread as I don't think there's anything left to say. 
They could make it so that you don't earn points for playing a player less than 50% of your own rating, but you can still lose points in such a game. I believe that would solve the problem of players padding their rating by beating up and taking advantage of new players.
I follow your point of view, MarkW. 
My suggestion is: Of course there should be a system, which means that everyone have possibility to play against all, for example between friends from different "rankings colors". In these cases, FoD could divide this site into: 1) a "competition" room where a player fight for points between players of the same level and finally place a crown on the head, and 
2) another "friendly games room" where everyone can meet each other, across the points lists and without giving points. I have been here for 3 years now, and these discussions about the "real" crown and who are "real" top players is historic and somewhat tiring.
after reviewing the recent posts to my topic...ive come to the obvious conclusion once again  that i was calling on the top players... with all due respect to the top ranked players..Mark Ballissburgh has included himself within  the upper tier(know idea why) of the top players within FOD...my apologies to everyone involved..
hey Newf  ya dont earn points for playing anyone with half your rating  got news for ya...instead of coming up with silly ideas as to how the point system works or doesnt work for that matter, just try playing when asked..  and you know what youll get better  and maybe happier..
When did I include myself as a top player? Why have you resorted to lies?

All I did was call you on your nonsense and cowardly way of holding on to the crown you say you don't care about.

Twist all the words you want but your own words show you to be petty and now a liar. 

Why start a thread to create drama then say you don't want drama? Why say you don't care about the crown, then play players rated 19 and 40 and almost non above 300? 

I stated facts and you resorted to lies and twisting words. Grow up. Admit you love your pixels and move on. 
peffs, take your own advice and be a better person maybe "youll get better and maybe happier.."

Why make this thread at all? Your clearly begging for attention.

Have something in your life other than internet curling, maybe "youll get better and maybe happier.."
I wanna report MarkWallisburgh for being annoying! 
Yeah facts and truth can be so annoying when you want your friends nonsense and lies to be heard. *rolls eyes* 

Grow up. It looks like peffs did. 
these facts and truths are very confusing too most...are you ok?.. 
peffs, keep insulting and not answering any of the reasonable questions put to you. That's all you can do. I caught you being petty, immature and lying. Now all you can do is post insults. That's a classic defensive move for people who don't tell the truth. 

You attack me because you got caught and can't answer why you started this thread with the drama {you say you don't want}, about a crown {you say you don't care about} or why you play people rated under "300" mostly. 

You tell people to "get a life" but YOU started this thread, YOU keep insulting people over what? A pixel image on an internet game?

Grow up peffs, get something in your life worth having then an internet game won't mean anything to you and you can clear your mind.

P.S. Only you claim to be confused. {I know you only posted that as another insult.} Others have conversed and added to the discussion of how the rating system could be improved. In other words, how to keep petty people like yourself from making a mockery of the rating system and crown.

Well after much thought and believe me..many sleepless nights I've finally realized that everything Mr. Mark has said is completely the truth. I'm a coward and a liar. If it was not for Mark  I would not be able to turn the page on my poor existence. 
Thankyou Mark for helping me be a better man.
Happy curling ..hope to see ya
Being sarcastic is just another cowardly way of behaving. If you don't want to be truthful or answer questions, so be it. 

is enoug 

speaking over the crown and you are not in the best 15 here 
mark en peffs en co 
wtf what going on here 
I don't know what you're stating Hayday. Maybe part of your message wasn't sent. 

If you are saying "if you aren't a top 15 player, then don't comment". I would reply "why does that matter". A person being a goofball can be commented on by anyone. A person trying to twist words, insulting and lying etc. can be called on his nonsense as well. 

If he didn't want people to catch him being petty and silly, he shouldn't have posted the thread on a public forum.