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Inconsistency in the line/path of the rock
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Inconsistency in the line/path of the rock
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Inconsistency in the line/path of the rock
Why is the line/path of the rock inconsistent?

Did a test, found that the path/line of the rock is very inconsistent.

I do not like it, as it negates the factor of skill in the game as it reduces the game to luck.
It also creates frustration as a person tries to pick the right spot, but knowing this. One cannot pick the right spot as the rock can be inside, outside, on target. 

I am not sure if there is a purpose (Prevent bowling or attempts to mimic real life), but I disagree with this happening.

I am interested in hearing others point of view on the matter.


I went into practice mode to do some tests on the consistency of the line/path of the rock.

Shot rocks at max speed
No Sweeping
Same point repeatedly(15-25 times)

I tested multiple spots on the ice.
The spots I tested: Both the left and right side.
The edge of the 4 foot ring and the edge of the 8 foot ring.

The Results:
After completing the test, I found that the line/path of the rock varies quite a bit.

I am not sure if this is to prevent so called "bowling" or to have a factor of luck in the game. However it is very frustrating, when you are trying to get better and know where to shoot and how hard when the line is random...
Using maximum speed here or in real life on ice creates more room for error and the less likelihood of hitting the broom. It lowers your accuracy due to the speed and momentum in your delivery...so yes, I assume the game is mimicking real life accuracy, or lack of, at maximum weight.
Newfoundland is correct, as is your experiment. Max weight is very inconsistent because in real life, one cannot consistently throw max weight push takeouts and expect to hit the target repeatedly. It's very much a gamble. 

Throwing takeouts at speeds in the yellow/orange zone of the speed meter are excellent to master because they are consistent and do not change. Same with even upper green area. The weight is high enough to remove plenty of rocks, but low enough to be controlled. 
If there was no elemet of inconsistency or luck/unluck, I think the game would become very boring.
I think there is some inaccuracy in the rocks, not too much though. 
I have to agree. Inconsistant rocks, mostly down the middle. I would rather the game rely on skill and tactics than luck.

I think the inconsistency makes it incredibly difficult to make a fairly simple shot in curling, the peel, which is not often missed at the high levels. Always an overcurl or a flash just makes it frustrating, that's just my opinion.
The game would be better played with skill and strategy than luck. Advanced players could do angles and raises to make the game more complex.
I notice players often quit after missing what should be an easy takeout.
Is there any documentation surrounding this mechanic?
Is weight the only factor?