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JOYDEE vs anyone. all this person does is boost against his many nicks. should be banned. Curl mb got banned for "apparently" doing this (even tho he didn't!) so this shouldn't be acceptable either. Cheers 
I agree, FoD needs to do something with the rating system to prevent players from padding their scores by only playing low rated players. These players are showing up on the top list and really do not deserve to be there. 
There's nothing wrong with the ratings system.

If a player with a 'high rating' (400+) wants to continuously play players with a 'low rating' (0-200) - let them do so.

They're not gaining many points in each game - so it becomes a very time consuming process for them to keep up with this strategy.

There's too many haters that spend way too much time monitoring what others are doing.

It's a free/web-browser based game - take it for what it's worth.

Aggrind and newf..how does this effect you? Fod should do something about what? Cmon kids give your heads a shake
Curlmanitoba was banned for playing his fellow misfits consecutively 1 after the other and having his little mates quit giving him the win upwards of 15 times...aggrind stop playing these little games 
The above comments are false ^^^

Mersey you only play low rated players to boost your rating. You're nothing but a cheater. Stop posting here. 
I would love to play high ranked players more often...but as you are very aware curlmanitoba high ranked players are seldom playing when i play ...also being bombarded by misfits as fun as it is takes up alot of my valuable curling time.. i will have you know tho I am still ranked 11th in avg opponent rating and thats a fact...happy curling
Right now I'm looking at CurlManitoba's play history....

I see 5 games vs aggrind (rating of 39)
I see 2 games vs WaderBlueJeans (rating of 110)

CurlManitoba's rating = 378

So its weird.....

the guy who starts the thread complaining about high rated players playing low rated players - is the one doing the exact same thing with his best friend.

Just a bunch of internet trolls with nothing better to do than whine and complain.
Foreign Exchange, you should talk. I watched you challenge & run several games in a row a couple of days ago to bump your points down to zero. In fact, you have done at least once before. When I called you on it, you told me to shut up. I don't know how you look in the mirror or justify such actions. To me it renders some of the very valid points you have made in this forum invalid because you are nothing but a cheater
nochat just play...your point is valid but its off topic..ya need to make a new post
let the man speak the truth mersey. 

You and Foreign are nothing but a couple of CHEATERS who deserve a lifetime BAN.