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Open Challenge To Newfoundland
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Open Challenge To Newfoundland
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Open Challenge To Newfoundland
I'm challenging you to a 10 end game for the crown.

You've declined twice already out of fear.

I'm publicly giving you the opportunity to prove you're not a coward and accept my challenge.

This posting is ONLY intended for Newfoundland to reply.

All other users - please refrain from replying to this topic.
 Do not accept any challenges from this poster.
 He has just publicly insulted ( making out you are a coward) and is presently via his post,harrassing you into a game where in his words,you have declined twice.
 Report him immediately to either fod admins,or to solware.com.

 ** Note to FE **

 I have already told you that this is a f.o.d forum,not a fe forum.
 anyone can reply to ANY post here.. YOU DON'T MAKE THE RULES. :D
 i am..again reporting you for your harrassing of a player because he declined your challenge twice.
If you "publically" challenge someone in a public forum, you should be prepared for any or all to respond as they see fit. I see no evidence that you have ever refrained from adding your usually arrogant responses to anyone else's post so why should you expect any different?
So fe lies all of the time, insults all of the time, trolls all of the time. Now he wants to be taken seriously in between his trolling and lying? Someone should have taught this kid "if you act like a fool for years and years, people will see you as a fool".

Grow up fe. You're just an internet troll and more and more people are slapping you down like a dog. Go away, no one likes you.
No worries, I will not be taking ForeignExchanges challange. In the past I would have played him, but the last time he challanged me, I specifically said "no, sorry, im on my phone", he then got arrogant and I politely said that due to his arrogance, I would never play him again. Really, I'm not on here to play arrogant people.
Newfoundland, that was the nicest way to say it. I can only imagine you will be ridiculed and harassed though. fe isn't normal. He will either insult, lie or just troll you..... or he may just hide because everyone is standing up to him now. 

Well done though, so polite. 
I just saw fe in the lobby and he has ANOTHER demerit point. How many does he get each week? Three? 

THAT is why he hasn't written hate and lies yet, so hold on everyone. "Demerit boy" will be here in a few days or however long that lasts and he will be foaming at the mouth as usual.

 He deserves everything he gets,and the minute he appears here under 1 of his different alias's..he will be reported again,players should be able to play without being publicly insulted/harassed/bullied by a total waster,and i'm not prepared to accept his behaviour towards ANY member here on f.o.d.
liquid_lizzard, people who stand up for themselves against abusers and liars etc. are always in the right. That's why the trolls here never answer any of our questions, they know full well answering questions about their lies and attacks ONLY make them look awful. They can't "talk" their way out of being abusers and liars, so they don't bother. That is the true sign of cowards, they hide from the truth and go on the attack instead.