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The Masters
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The Masters
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The Masters
The moment you all been waiting for :D. 
Its a bit long post bear with me here. After reading, do post something so i know that you are here and have seen your matches.

Here are the pairings for round 1 (bo11)

Match 1: The Crown vs Ronnie.O.Kiev
Match 2: Adrianliu vs DJ Kris
Match 3: Firstslowdown vs Thailander
Match 4: Gary Ridgeway vs UltimateSkillz
Good luck to all the players and Have fun :)

Semifinals (bo15)
Winner of Match 1 vs Winner of Match 2
Winner of Match 3 vs Winner of Match 4

Final will be bo19 will be broadcasted on Eurosports, Espn and HBO :D

if possible do post about your matches how was it, any close frames/turning point and 50+ breaks and highest break. So we all can follow if we didn't watch your match.

1. Smash the reds
2. The second player(the player who is not breaking) will have the first shot.
3. If first player pots the red on break, he will continue the break.
4. Safety allowed only when 1 red is remaining(as a courtesy do concede when needed more than 2 snookers) and also on respotted black.
5. Matches can be finished in 2 sessions.
6. I will replace a player if a person doesn't show up for his matches. if i cant find a replacement then it will be just be a forfeit.
How much for the winner ?when are the matches bcos champion of champions is still running:D

I can play adrianliu on Tuesday 11 am.If  mr adrian accept that.
Hi Kris,

So sorry Tuesday I can't make it. What about Wednesday 12pm Malaysian time?

I dont think i can play this hour thats the worst hour possible really.Maybe 3 or 4 hours earlier..

Final will be broadcasted on Eurosports...... This must be fake.
   No,it's 100% real...also you can watch on Disneysports/U.S.A & CBBs/sk. 
Haven't seen The Crown or Ronnie.o.Kiev. I can put u(drum) in if they didn't show up till 2mo.
Hi Skillzo!
Gary will be here tonight. I was hoping you two can play and start off tournament tonight :)
Gary Ridgeway vs UltimateSkillz: 6-0
Best break of the match: 75
Drum and MarkWilliams25 are expected players to replace Ronnie.O.Kiev and Thailander if they didn't show up tomorrow. I random draw will be held to see who plays who
yes i see but have to see the time first..
The Crown, m8, ready to play anytime, but prefer morning or day...
Tell me when u like to play Thailander. I am available today or tomorrow in the mornings from 8 am to 2 pm Eastern time. If that doesn't work let me know we can work something out

Hi Ronnie, im able to be here at 4:00Z at the earliest. Let me know if ur fine with that.

we have 12 hours different i can play at 8 to 10  am: at yours time ...
Thailander won by 6-3.
Highest break: 58 (Me)
1st semifinal Gary vs Thailander bo15.
Good luck both :)
I give up match vs adrianliu.I cant play on hours he want to
Dj 0 adrian 6.gl in semifinal
Match 2 : DJ Kris vs MarkWilliams25

Adrianliu m8 the time difference in playing u is causing lot of problem for other players. I really really wished you was able to play other times when everyone is avaliable :(
So as of now I have to let u go from this tournament! I apologize m8 :(

Bah.. you said I am in for the next time. :p
Lol firsto...dismissing Adrianliu for being born in Malaysia and consequently is like disqualifing Ronnie for wearing trainers...i didn't know you were such a racist :| :D
I said If u like but you didn't respond m8. Come play in the next one :)
No worries mate, many thanks for choosing me. I wish I can play at home. Sorry DJ. Anyway, have fun guys.

Drago stop trying to ruin my tournament :D come down and show us what u got :p :D bring Kieran too
Match 2: DJ winning by 6-2
Highest break :46 (DJ)

Still waiting on 
Gary vs Thailander (bo15)
Crown vs Ronnie (bo11)

Please play as soon as u can :). When fixing time for the match remember to mention the time zones.

Hi Ronnie.o.kiev! Crown will be here tomorrow 12 pm your time to finish the first round match. Be here on time so can finish this last first round match :)
its bo11.
Semifinal matches!(bo15)
DJ vs Crown
Gary vs O'sullivan 33
gl all players! let finish this tournament quick :d

What a thriller match between ronnie and crown 6-5.
Very tense decider going down to the final pink.:o
Highest break: 81 (Crown) :)
Gary Ridgway vs THAILANDER
Best break 107 by me GGS
Apologies, we both didnt notice its bo 15
So in the end we plyed 2 more frames which i won nd so it finished 8-2 Gary won, ggs :D
Well played Gary in the final waiting winner of Crown and DJ :)

Gary Ridgeway winning The Masters in style!!! :)
Beating Crown 10-2 in final.
Highest break of tournament and final :130(Gary)
Also in final 98(Gary) and 84(Crown)
ty for playing everybody :D
Where are the masters or Smash Break xd