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To Each Saint His Candle
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To Each Saint His Candle
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To Each Saint His Candle
Bad news: We quite often read post messages about players, who don't behave properly.

Good news: This is a post message about players, who are saints.

There are only few players here, who understand the spirit of Curling. Even less act that way.

I would like to point out the rare examples of sportsmanship, players, who don't think of the consequences of the act of fairness, they just do it.

Newfoundland inspired me to write these lines. I once saw him giving back a stone (a "jumper"), 7th, in a very close situation. Needless to point out, he lost the game, maybe because of this wonderful attitude. This is something that deserves high praise.

Other players showing much respect for the game and opponents are (no particular order): Gab and Fabio (both always behaving like role models), White, Bretty, Chris, Unitak, Firewoman, Fife, Pasta, 300er, Anna, Vas. Maybe there are other players being very kind, I apologize that I haven't noticed that.

Credit where credit is due.
You sure know a lot about these players since you only been here a few days according your registration. Or is this nickname #127? Kudos zumba :|
Thank you Zumbarumba for your kind words. I have played on ice curling for the past 35 years and enjoy the sportsmanship and integrity of the game just as much as I love the game itself. Anyone who has actually played curling, I would hope to think, generally feels the same way. Again, I thank you for your recognition and respect.  
Thank you for including me in your post! :)
Hey Zumbarumba, i need to thank you very much for putting my name on your fair players list. That really was a nice surprise for me!

I once was an active curling player in Germany, playing real tournaments, up to German championships in the early 1980ties.

As this is a quite expensive sport in my country, i also have to thank the organizers of this game for making this opportunity to play possible. It is by far the best curling game on the net i have seen.
For me it has been a great pleasure to play since more than 20 years!
(Sorry for changing my nick, but i lost my old email:()

The most fun is to play with real sportsmen. Especially if we can have funny conversations, too. Here i find lots of nice entertainment. Thank you FlyOrDie!
Hello, Zumbarumba

Ty for putt my name here, and i see other name here who is relay good and kind players. Dont know who you are but you know the player here good i think.
Personal i have a lot respect for Anna, Gab, Newfoundland,  Former702er and Wind.
Keep up the good spirit, and be nice, you newer know what problem other people you dont see have so give a smile and you have save someone day. (f)

I would also like to add CurlManitoba and aggrind to the list. Truly 2 of the finest to play this game and excellent role models. Last week I saw CurlManitoba throw a rock to the boards because his opponent of Gabriella accidentally delivered a stone by accident. CurlManitoba did beat Gab (pretty bad) but that act of sportsmanship was nice to see. 

Sometimes higher rated players will do anything to save the rating but much to my surprise CurlManitoba did the right thing and I think Gab appreciated it. 

I also saw aggrind instructing a new player how the game works which is great to see!

Well done lads, your acts of sportsmanship and selflessness don't go unnoticed!
The entire FlyOrDie community appreciates it. 

-Dr. Curl PhD Curling

> You sure know a lot about these players since you only been here a few days according your registration. Or is this nickname #127? Kudos zumba 

I've been here for only few years (so I don't know the old players mentioned in other posts), but yes I don't think it's important to know who wrote these lines, and no, this is nickname #3 kudos! Cash
I've forgotten to mention Simiplex for his sportsmanship. Cheers.
Hey Zumbarumba you forgot to mention me on that list ;)