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Hello and good evening.

I've been playing backgammon for a few days now. I know the rules of the original When I go and play a person. In the last few days I have had a problem with the fact that if you can't move any other way, the dice always fall for the opponent in such a way that he drops exactly the number on the dice that the opponent needs to "catch" one or two stones. Sometimes I think it can't be a coincidence. has one of you already noticed that

Sincerely, Joerg
Yes. That is one of my biggest complaints. So frustrating.
Yes, this is done on purpose to make the game more exciting. A few years ago it even said on the website that the dice were being manipulated because of it.
Flyordie have too much dices in the most games.
10 or more is normal in a game.
Also i had opponents they start with 6 dices in raw what is exceptionel unreel. They should fix this topics but they do nothing and the most player agree with but is not the reel game as we know. Also i find doubel at the end when the opponennt is in big advantage destroy the games because you are forced to resign!
All the games should played to the end thats my opinion.

all players know this problem and of course the makers know the problem too but nobody is interested to make the game better.
There are days you will never win a game and it doesn´t matter who your opponent is.
I really have never played a badly programmed game!

Yours didi
Here is nothing reel,if you complain or make a suggestion this moderators ignore you and also they delete or dont
allow negative posts about fake games,too much dices and fake server. 
You win maybe 6-7 games and than you loose double sometimes in raw without any chance to win.
A lot of people cames down from 500-600 to 200 like amateurs because of this topics so its common.
Maybe abonnents are in advance.
But from this website, nobody want to solve the topics!
Hi Joerg,

I also find this frustrating. If this is set up to provide closer games that would make it more frustrating. I understand there is luck within the game however providing  opponents better odd's would be cheating. 
Same, my win % on here after 1000s of games is over 50% but I've learnt that when I get to a rating of 300 or 400 I will end up back on zero no matter how or who I play.

Sometimes it's embarrassing to win because the dice are so loaded, at other times even when you are in a very, very strong position, you still know for certain that somehow or other you will lose.

Tend to find that if you create a very good position early on in a game then all of a sudden 3 or 4 'quite unlikely dice combinations will switch the whole thing and you lose and it does seem as if some kind of 'excitement' factor has been figured in.

Have played 100s of opponents in UK & Turkey for 30 years and no comments on here are going to change my opinion that the dice on here are not random.
of course They are no random: it's an Internet game so a program. Random can't be program because it's mathematical and random isn't mathematical 
 Well, this is interesting. If all this is true, how come there are people with 800+ points in rating?