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Main features of cheating players:
1) No back cue move before shot
2) Quick resultative shots in hard positions
3) If cue ball stands near aiming ball an opponent is definitely penaltied for a push shot

Many high-rated players plays with what is mentioned above.
How can we excude them?
What are you suggesting by "no back move on cue"? You think a bot is playing the game? Who would do that, where's the fun in letting a program play the game for you? The othe two points can be suspicious, i agree. I would add another one, players who apply side spin (english) before aiming, even on tough long shots... I mean what the hell? Playing like that makes the aiming extremely hard, every normal player would first line up the shot and then add the spin if needed.

When it comes to cheating in FOD, the general consensus is that "it is impossible", but i'm not so sure about that. It's an intersting discussion to have, for sure.

Can you tell me what sort of players are you suspecting rating-wise? They have to be among the top rated players i asume. What is your average rating? 

Tell me please how is it possible to make strong shot without pre-shot back cue move
U both are wrong! Fod billiards doenst have some programers... Side spin is not so hard to aim when u do it everytime! I am high rating player and i know what im saying about... 
Well, i've seen FOD programs being showcased on youtube in the old interface/graphics, before 2012... granted, i haven't seen one in the newer one since then, but you don't expect the cheaters (if there are any) to just out themselves, are they? What saying is, it's possible that a program exist, available to a handful of players. Neither of use can say for sure.

And sorry, but high rated player or not, you're still delusional in your response. Applying spin before aiming is  easy on the close ranged guaranteed shots, sure... but i'm not talking about those. I'm talking about long difficult shots, that require a good subsequent cue ball positioning. When i see players do that and do it super fast on top of that, with almost no mistakes every time, then i start to question things. I'm not saying it's necessarily a program thing, but they're definitely doing something out of the ordinary.
PS: Oh sorry, i just noticed that you completely misunderstood what i was saying, which brings the question, why are you even replying to this topic, when you can't even comprehend simple reasoning? 

"Side spin is not so hard to aim when u do it everytime!"

I never said side spin is hard to do!!! I do it every time too... What i said is that applying side spin is hard if you do it before you aim your shot. And let me repeat myself just in case you fail to understand again - i'm talking about the long, difficult shots, not the close ones that are almost guaranteed. Is this again hard to understand for you, Mr. HiGh RaTiNg PlAyEr?
Lol... Do u know who i am ? Mateus Stoque if u dont know! And i know exactly what u say about do side spins before you aim for shots. I thought explain it for u but i can see u dont know how to play pro in Fod billiards! Definitely there is not program in fod billiards since it start be played in a browser. I think u should learn to play before create a poor topic like it xD 
I didn't start the topic by the way... i guess i'm not the one who's clueless here. And to refresh your memory, i never said that a program exist, i only suggested that it might be possible. I don't know if you're capable of understanding basic thinking and logic, so let me spell it out for you - there's a difference between doubt and certainty!

And i deffinitely don't care who you are! News flash - You're not a celebrity because you can play an online game. But i sure find it funny that you're need multiple accounts, "Mr. Pro Player in a barely known gaming website".
I say and i'm 100% sure. There is not some aim program on fod! Im not a super star here but i can tell u what i know and i try help u. I know the way of some players play this game looks like a programer, speed, spins, but it is normal when this player train everyday and too get a big talent. See u ! 
Its true mate, I know FOD since.. 2004 I guess and there was (and still are I suppose) a lot of players using aiming programm. Have seen it on my own eyes. It looks exactly like the practice mode with all those vectors etc. It makes the game easy as hell (but not perfect of course). Thats why sometimes you can find a player with high rank, and ratio 30-1 or similar. 
Well mateus, you was wrong as we all clearly saw a programmer in 8ball earlier today :D