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Tanx is dead
Tanx is dead
Tanx is dead
Tanx has disappeared from the front page. The game is dead. Please please put it back on the homepage, and promote it. Thanks!
Hey dltids, I think that promoting tanx is a bit "diffcult " to say the least.
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This is silly. So we can't play a computer game because of the war in the Ukraine?? There have been wars going somewhere in the world for hundreds of years....... Many computer games have an element of violence, but it's a computer game!!!!
you can play computer games, you even can play tanx here. The only difference is that the makers of FlyOrDie don't want to PROMOTE a war game any more and it is their right to do so. And it is your right to play as many war games as you want.
They dont PROMOTE Tanx because its a war game, They dont promote Tanx because Its a Java game.
Yeah Simon, i saw video games as a way to release stress, i rather play a game than that i react on someone who gets on my nurves, its a much peacefuller way of living.
Yes Danny. I agree. Some people aren't nice and just cheat..
Says the guy who keeps his rating below 50 and hunt people who earned their rating, calling someone unfriendly based on compensation drift is just hilarious to be honest, As if you know being a snowflake about the rules just because your a weak stealer/hunter/chaser doesn't make you any nice, in fact i was online sometimes with like 4/5 names back when i played it and you were only shooting the highest rated one just to be annoying till i outsourced you and you left the game because you couldn't control lowering my points lmao
Yeah, it might be a bit inappropriate to promote this game these days.
You have got to give props if that's the reason why FlyorDie put a pause on that play.  Two thumbs up!
it is still available, but not promoted on the main page. it still exists.
With your logic Tanx shouldve been paused already in 2003.
I think the same. Fact is, that this is the first war on European grounds and the Europeans reacted differently then when the wars were far away. Afraid.
If I was the owner of FlyOrDie (Hungary, Europe) I would have stopped promoting Tanx too at the main page, too.  
To repeat myself: you are absolutely right!
You forgot that during WW1 and WW2 there were no video games.

Problem with Russia is obviously not the video games but corruption by thiefs and murderers who never in their life touched a xbox or playstation to play video games.
There have many many wars in Europe. World War ii, Greece/Turkey, the Balkans, plus many others in the past. It's a game!