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"Move" rule
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"Move" rule
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"Move" rule
I suspect this subject has already been dealt with, and I apologize if I'm just repeating at this point, but I don't understand why players will not "move" their cue ball after a foul or bad hit in billiards. Sometimes the cue ball will be reset on the line behind an opposing player's ball, thus snookered, and they still won't move it. I've started telling my opponents that moving the cue ball is permitted, and some still say no. Why?

Thank you.
You get people who think you are playing professionally. Which they mean "Move" doesn't exist in the game. You find them with the low rated people a lot ( not picking people ). They don't want to lose. Who knows who started it xd. Completely false when no move occurs

People who dislike my comment are ones who don't move. Quite obvious
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Thank you. I've played against so many players that do not move their cue ball, that I thought it was an unwritten rule not to move and was respected by most players. 

So screw them. From now on, whether or not my opponent likes it, I will move if I want/need to.
Perhaps it's a carry over from what has ruined 8 ball. Here's my old post on that subject.

Ok, time to discuss 8 ball pool and how it has changed for the worse in recent times. For some reason, newer players seem to think it is noble to play no moves meaning that if your opponent fouls you do not move and this is completely ridiculous. It's ruining the game because it takes defense out of the game. The reality is that all sports involve a defensive and offensive strategy. Most players play an offensive game but, if you do not have a good shot, you play safe or even hook your opponent. So, I suspect what happened is someone either scratched or was unable to get out of a hook ergo his opponent got to move and thereby won the game. Well folks that's the rules and all sports and games have penalties for infractions. So, rather than whine if you foul, learn to control the shooter so you don't scratch and learn to kick at hooks. With no moves, people don't even try to get out of a hook, they just hook you back and that is pathetic. Only the less skilled players play no moves. The top players follow the rules and move. That's the noble way to play the game, follow the rules, don't cry if you can't get out of a hook and are therefore penalized. I am so tired of these people condemning good players because they follow the rules and play the game the way it was intended to be played.
Thank you! My thoughts exactly! It frustrates me to no end when my opponent types "no no no" or worse when I use the move rule. I played 8-ball IRL a few years back, and a player stating that a no-move rule was in effect would have been thrown out. 

I'll just keep moving the cue ball when necessary. If they're not happy, too bad.
keep doing the right thing, by rules after a foul you do move the cue ball. let them play in medieval times with medieval rules.
No one knows why, unless they already have a good position.

That would be the only valid reason to not move.
Sometimes moving the cueball, just doesn't add any advantage.
The ONLY reason not to move is that it simply is lame to do so. If you feel you must do this in order to achieve a better rating, by all means, continue to do so. Just understand that it cheapens the game and garners zero respect from most other real players of the game. If you're feeling good about a "win" in this manner then bravo! It's easy to beat an opponent who has the fortitude to handicap themselves and not change it up just to swipe a cheap point or two from their opponent. I'd rather take a loss and keep my self respect. The frustration with lames who play this way is a big reason why, after 10k+ games played i've all but quit playing pool on FOD.
´Please describe ´lame´ tecnically or were we can find it it in rules book. Shut up and play by the rules.
Don't think its says no move in rules book xd
Lame is a slang term... Moving the cueball just because you can, but don't need to, is very very Lame.
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Especially when you put it back in the same place 45 seconds later, and miss lol
If you've got to ask, you'll never know. Much less understand. Like I already said, if a limp rating is all you're after by all means, continue to move the ball all over the table every chance you get. And dont think twice about "winning" a game played against someone who doesn't move. Chances are, the player who feels confident enough to play w/o resorting to being lame could beat the pants off most who feel the need to check the rule book every time someone takes issue with their weak moves. It's the diff between being a gentleman who plays with good sportsmanship and a sniveling little weasel who needs to win at any cost. Sadly, these days FOD is plagued with too many of the latter.
You see, I just don't understand that thinking. The rule applies to both players. If you foul, it's like a penalty kick (as one other poster here used this analogy) for me. If I foul, then you get your penalty kick.

I can't be responsible for someone else's feelings if I want to play by the rules, which, BTW, also apply in real life.
No, in REAL life if someone played the game by trying to make it impossible for their opponent to hit a ball so they could move the ball around and win the game they would end up with a cue to the back of the head. Thats BS play and no one respects it. Make your shots, win the game. Stop trying to justify being a weasel and actually beat your opponent by being a better player. whatever, I dont expect allot of support on this one. After all "the rules say..." I can hear all the whiny little voices shrieking in unison. lol  My advice, become a better shot so you dont have to limp your way to "victory". Keep your self respect. Or dont, and quickly get bored with a game you were only playing for a rating anyway
Yes, if you foul the other player already gets an advantage. The cue is placed on the line and it becomes the opponents shot. How much more of a penalty kick do you need? Do you really need to place the cue right in front of the other ball to make the shot? Pathetic. Its boring to care that much.